A true friend

A true friend

What differs a good friend from a true friend?

A good friend will always be with you
A true friend will be there for you when you need her and will understand that sometimes it’s better to leave you alone

A good friend will always ask you how you feel
A true friend understands how you feel without asking and she knows you will tell her what the problem is because you know she’ll help you and you understand a true friend cares about you even though she does not ask

A good friend will always tell you what you want to hear
A true friend will always tell you the truth and you will appreciate this because you know it’s right

A good friend will be jealous of others if you spend more time with them
A true friend will know that you care for her but that there are sometimes things that have to be done

A good friend will be there for you everytime you see her
A true friend will always be there for you

A good friend will lend you an umbrella and make you feel you owe her something
A true friend will give you her umbrella and get wet if you just say you want her to

A good friend will visit you when you’re in hospital and bring you a present and say hello and walk off and feel she has done his duty
A true friend won’t visit you in hospital, she will be with you all day and when you feel better again she will walk off and be happy because it is important to her to be with you not only when you’re happy but in your dark hours, too

A true friend is so hard to find but we all want to have a true friend and we all need a true friend and when we’ve finally found one, we will know and we will understand that we have to do everything to keep that friendship alive and we will do.

Kevin Deckert

2 thoughts on “A true friend

  1. that’s so….. touch…..!!!

    aduh…. jadi antara teman yang baik dan teman yang sebenarnya.. beda2 tipis ya… hmmmm…. kira2.. ut yang mana ya….??? trus ut udah jadi teman yg mana juga ya…???

    wah…. jadi bahan interospeksi diri nih…. 🙂

  2. InsyaAllah jadi yg true friend ya.. 🙂
    Teman yang selalu mengajak kpd kebaikan, menularkan semangat dan care sm teman 🙂

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