Why MyDBR working too slow

Saya punya pengalaman problem dengan MyDBR. Setiap klik link atau menu yang ada di MyDBR butuh waktu 5-15 untuk loading halaman nya, mulai dari login dan apalagi saat query. Lalu saya minta bantuan team support MyDBR, dan ketemu penyebab nya yaitu masalah domain name. Berikut solusi nya:

W: I have a problem with mydbr. MyDBR working too slow in my server. every link and menu for open a page takes time 5-15 minutes. but its show correct data.

PHP and mysql have different server,
Apache and PHP in ( mydbr installed here).
Mysql in

I have install it correctly.
I can login, but takes time for 5 minutes until logged in.
I can make store procedure and report, but opening every page is too slow.
Can you help me for the solution?

My server use SSL and domain name.

Support: Wirda,
it is bit hard to say what might be the cause of it without access to the server.  In most cases where connection to db is slow, this is due misconfigured DNS resulting slow name resolution.

What you should do is first determine if the cause of this is the web server or the datbase connection from the web server to the database server. Try to access first pages that do not require database connection. In myDBR you can for example access the ionCube loader test page mydbr/install/loader.php.

To test the database connection, you can try the script found in mydbr/tools/troubleshoot/

mysql.php. Configure the database access credentials and access the page using the browser. This should give you indication about the database access speed. You can try to add “skip-name-resolve” (http://bobbyallen.wordpress.com/2007/11/02/slow-connections-on-remote-mysql-servers/) to your MySQL configuration file to see if the problem comes from DNS.

I have try to access page mydbr/install/loader.php, it takes time 1 second, then show the correct page didn’t error.
And i have try to acess page mydbr/tools/troubleshoot/

mysql.php, it takes time 1 minutes. and show this error:

Connect Error (2003) Can’t connect to MySQL server on ‘’ (110).

I registered mydbr with domain name.

So, what should i do?

I have added “skip-name-resolve” at my.ini/my.cnf.

And the problem resolved.

Thanks for your help.


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