Cara merekam suara yang sedang dimainkan di komputer

Biasanya kita capture layar windows dengan printscreen (tombol Prtsc), nah sekarang jika kita ingin mengcapture atau merekam suara yang sedang dimainkan di komputer kita adalah dengan cara sebagai berikut:

How to record any sound in Windows

1. You need to make some changes to the audio configuration in Windows, so go to the right-hand side of the Windows Taskbar and then right-click the speaker icon. Left-click Recording devices in the menu that pops up.

Record Windows audio

2. The Sound window is displayed and, if the Recording tab isn’t selected, click on it. There will be one or more recording devices displayed, but some might be hidden. Right click in the empty space and select Show Disabled Devices.

3. Hopefully you can see Stereo Mix in the list of recording devices. It may be initially disabled. If so, it can be enabled by right clicking it and clicking Enable. Also select the option to set it as the default device.

4. Select the Stereo Mix device and click the Properties button. They should be Ok, but it is worth checking things like the volume on the Levels tab (try 50), and the quality on the Advanced tab (CD quality).

5. Audio recording software is required and you may already have a program on your computer. If you don’t, download Audacity from The Lame MP3 encoder on the Downloads page is useful too.


6. Install and run Audacity. The settings must be configured to use the right input source. Select Edit Preferences and, under Devices, set the recording device to Stereo Mix. If you’re running an older version of Audacity, you will find the same settings under the Audio I/O tab.

Device settings

7. You are ready to record, so let’s find something to listen to. Start your web browser (Chrome is a good choice) and go to or somewhere similar. Select a radio station and click the button or link to start it playing.

Play some audio

8.Switch to Audacity and click the record button. Speakers don’t need to be plugged in or switched on, but you do need to adjust the volume. Adjust it using the speaker icon in the Windows taskbar if necessary.

Record Windows audio

9. Click the Stop button when you have recorded the broadcast. Go to the File menu and select Export as MP3 (you’ll need the Lame encoder for this) or WAV. Once the file is saved you can play it using Windows Media Player or another music player.

Save audio


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